Why Caffeine Free Supplements Are Better Long Term

BCAA is an acronym for Branch Chain Amino Acids. They are one of the most overlooked but the most effective supplements for anyone that is looking to build muscle and increase overall performance. Most people do not know how BCAA’s affect their body when they should be used, or what they are.

Understanding BCAAs

To give a little insight on this, amino acids are the foundations of protein and muscle mass growth. When you eat proteins, your body converts the protein into its basic amino acids so that you can absorb and make use of them. The amino acids that come from protein sources are called Essential Amino Acids (EAA).

The main reason why they are called essential amino acids is that our bodies do not produce all of them naturally and they must be gotten from outside sources i.e. complete proteins. They are nine essential amino acids. They are histidine, isoleucine, lysine, leucine, phenylalanine, methionine, tryptophan and valine. On the other hand, BCAA has just three (3) amino acids which are isoleucine, leucine, and valine. BCAA’s are simpler amino acids that are used in creating muscle tissue.

BCAA’s make up 35% of our muscles and need to be present in the body for muscle tissue growth. Additionally, they are used to balance hormonal release and brain functions. When you are exercising with heavy weights or doing longer periods of cardio, having a supply of BCAAs can help you significantly. This is because when you work out, the body quickly depletes your glycogen reserve and starts sending a signal to stop protein activity. This makes your body catabolic which is not what we want. BCAA supplementation studies have linked the intake of the acids to a faster muscle recovery time and a boosted immune system.

How These Acids Work in the Body

When you introduce BCAAs into your body during a time of high-stress activities like weight lifting, you can reverse this effect and allow your body to continue the protein synthesis. This can make you gain muscles better, aid quicker recovery between sessions, and also boosts the overall performance.

One BCAA supplement without Caffeine is O.N 5000. This is a great pre and post-workout supplement for anyone who works out extremely, few days a week. This is because it does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants. Optimum Nutrition 5000

O.N 5000 is safe to drink at any time of the day. Consuming O.N 5000 also means that you will never again suffer from the inconvenience of having the majority of your drink stuck in the bottom of your glass. That is because O.N 5000 is available in a micronized, effervescent natural powder. This means it mixes very easily in water and remains completely dissolved. That is because more amino acid powders are difficult to mix which leaves most of the powder stuck to your glass.

It is especially wonderful as a pre and post-workout drink given all of the potential muscle building and performance enhancement benefits. You can also drink this between meals when you desire a refreshing drink. There are dozens of great caffeine free options out there, but some are better than others in terms of dosing and ingredients used. For a complete guide on the best caffeine free BCAA supplements, check out this review post by a leading natural bodybuilding authority.

Health Precautions

Before you consume Amino X, talk to a physician if you are incognizant of your present health condition or have any pre-existing health issue or if you are acquiring a MAO inhibitor or any other medication. Do not use it if you are excogitating pregnancy, already pregnant with child, nursing one, prone to dehydration, or even exposed to excessive heat. Decrease or discontinue the use of this supplement whenever you are faced with the following: sleeplessness, dizziness, tremors, headaches, anxiety, or heart palpitations occur.

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Using Provillus For Hair Regrowth

Using Provillus For Hair Regrowth

Men and women who are embarrassed with their receding hairline are likely busy researching for ways how to regrow hair. The hair, after all, is so-called as our crowning glory. Losing hair is results to lost confidence, as people with thinning hair feel old and ugly. But the good news is that hair can be grow again through the help of hair regrowth products like Provillus.

How to Regrow Hair

Regrowing hair cannot be achieved overnight and even in a matter of weeks. As such, you can’t trust hair products that promise to help you grow your hair back in a short amount of time. Instead, hair regrowth is a slow process that entails a lot of patience and the use of an effective hair growth product like Provillus.

This hair growth treatment works by providing nourishments in the form of vitamins and minerals to the scalp. By doing so, it can bring back life to hair follicles that have been damaged by age, hormonal changes, diseases and genetic factors. After nourishing the hair follicles, Provillus also induces hair growth through its FDA-approved ingredient minoxidil 5.0%. Provillus also works to counteract DHT, a male sex hormone that is linked with hair loss. Male pattern baldness is caused by hair follicles that are genetically sensitive to the said hormone. In turn, hair follicles sensitive to DHT have its lifespan decreased. When this happens, these follicles stop from producing hair. Because Provillus blocks DHT in the body, it can promote a healthy scalp and re-growing of new hair.


What does Provillus contain that make it such a potent formula against thinning hair? There are two variations of this product—a pill and a spray form. The oral pill contains ingredients like Vitamin B6, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, and herbs like Eluethero Root, Nettle, Pumpkin and Muria Puama. Other ingredients of the pill include Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin and Water.

On the other hand, the spray form of Provillus contains Minoxidil 5.0%, a chemical that is approved by the US FDA for hair growth. Minoxidil is actually a drug in itself that promotes re-growing of hair. As a medicine, it is applied to the scalp. The effects usually manifest after several months of continued use. Hair loss will start again once a person stops the use of Minoxidil.


A cursory look at online reviews reveals that Provillus is widely accepted as an adequate hair loss treatment. Some users say they were able to see noticeable differences on their thinning hair just a month after taking the pill and applying the spray. Most customers, though, share they were able to grow back their hair six to seven months after their first use.

Men and women who are hesitant on trying this hair loss medication can benefit from the manufacturer’s money back guarantee. But looking at the online reviews of many satisfied users, the may actually be no need for first-time customers to return their Provillus packages. Instead, they can stop searching for ways how to regrow hair.

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